About Mango Docs

Best Salesforce Document Generation Software for Your Business

Salesforce requires reliable software to generate documents quickly and professionally. If you are looking for reliable Salesforce document generation software, MangoDocs is the ideal solution. It’s a professional document automation tool developed by WahInnovations. The software allows Salesforce users to generate documents. Mango Docs is well suited for multiple departments in an organization to streamline document generation.

Mango Docs combines all features to generate documents in Salesforce automatically. It improves your efficiency and performance of your sales team. It’s a smart solution to your document generation needs and worth integrating into your SalesforceCRM.

Mango Docs works well with Salesforce CRM and offers multiple features for a seamless document generation experience:
  • Users can install and upgrade Mango Docs from Salesforce App Exchange
  • No coding required for setup
  • Supports custom objects
  • Easy to merge data on templates
  • Send document through email with one click • Easy navigation and user interface
Mango Docs provides its users with additional support for more flexibility and ease for different scenarios:
  • Google Docs to save documents
  • Search Tool for searching fields
  • Easy and instant preview of documents
  • Send Email to multiple contacts simultaneously
  • Easy to create a template by just pasting string from Template Builder
  • Multiple options to save
  • eSignature integration
  • Support Excel and PDF Files
  • Auto Spell Correct
  • Merge reports and dashboard in PPT
  • Template creation and flexibility • Unlimited document generation capability

How does Mango Docs Works?

Mango Docs is among the top Salesforce document generation tools that eliminate time-consuming operations with intelligent document automation. It provides functionalities and a wealth of features to allow Salesforce users to generate documents with minimum effort. Mango Docs offers four main functions; Mango Docs Configuration, Template Builder, Legacy Google Docs Templates, and SF Templates. Users can configure standard and custom objects from Mango Docs Configuration, authenticate Google account to create, merge templates, and save them on Google Docs. Once you add a custom button on any object’s page layout, you get immediate access to all its fields. You can retrieve all of the standard and custom fields on that object through this custom button and make them available to merge into your document.

Why Choose Mango Docs for Document Generation?

Businesses and enterprises in different verticals rely on Salesforce CRM to overcome challenges, streamline complex operations and grow consistently. Even so, it’s essential to Integrate additional applications into Salesforce to achieve better operational efficiency and accelerate performance. One of the common challenges businesses deal with is generating documents in Salesforce. Although various Salesforce document generation tools available to integrate, Mango Docs stands out among its alternatives and gets the job done accurately. It’s an essential tool for document generation or document automation that allows users to generate, customize, edit, create data-driven documents, such as presentations, invoices, contracts, legal documentation, quotes, proposals, etc. Another advantage Mango Docs brings is that users do not need to depend on external apps and create various types of documents within the Salesforce environment.

If you are interested in accelerating document generation, request a demo of Mango Docs today. Schedule a demo to discover how Mango Docs can improve document automation and benefit your business.

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