About Mango Commission

Commission Software for Salesforce

Its fully customized Tool which calculate commissions as per your requirements and Validations. It has it build features which will help you to perform same calculation process each month and quarterly. Commissioner helper is a native Salesforce Tool which helps an organization to calculate Commission quickly, effectively and correctly.

  • Install package easily
  • Easy to calculate commission
  • Different methods to calculate commission
  • Create custom teams and products
  • Easy navigation and UI
  • No coding required for setup
  • Support custom objects as well
  • Interactive and automated commission calculation
  • Multiple ways to calculate – Direct, In direct and simple, graduated commission for sales console objects, record page, lists and reports
  • Commission history to check
  • Download in excel and pdf
  • Create tier level for commission to calculate
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Support standard and custom objects
  • Integrate with process builder automate calculating commission on criteria that you set

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