Dedicated Support Engineer

Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) for Enterprise Organizations

WahInnovations Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) offering gives Enterprise organizations a single point of contact for all Salesforce Business Application support inquires. If your organization has support needs exceeding 100 hours a year, has internal compliance restrictions in place for offshore resources, or if you have a complex deployment and need to streamline your support engagement, the DSE option is probably right for you.

Dedicated support Engineer - WahInnovations

Key benefits of DSE support

To serve you best and dedicated service, Wahinnovations offers you DSE(Dedicated Support Engineer) to drive engagements in your business and solve every small concern with all efforts.

Point of Contact

A single point of contact to better manage and facilitate support requests

Technical Advisor

A technical advisor to assist your organization in being both proactive and reactive

Business Application Expert

An expert who knows the technology stack and your organization’s deployment inside and out

Rapid Resolution

Faster resolution times lead to additional efficiencies within your organization

Manageable Billing

Simplified manageable billing to help with organizational planning

Certified Leadership

Team of proven leadership with guiding principles to empower client's service